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Welcome to African Clay Painting

Painting Contractors you can rely on. 

 African Clay Painting Contractors was established in the year 2007- a professional team that specialise in a wide variety of the painting industry sectors ranging from upper class residential homes, townhouse complexes to new developments, industrial ventures, office blocks and conference venues. We also breathe new life into a structures by doing full refurbishments of buildings. 

African Clay Painting Contractors offers a complete project management solution for your next project


We also focus on effective time, cost and quality management during the painting process.


Watch this video below to see what we do. 

Our Services

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We offer Professional Painting

Services. We do specialise in

Townhouse Complexes, Office blocks, Commercial Spaces etc. 



Waterproofing done with the best guaranteed products.

We have developed special techniques to ensure the water stays out.



We specialise in breathing new life into old structures. By stripping existing structures and making them new and improved again.


Damp proofing

We also offer to do damp proofing to your existing space. Whether it is positive or negative damp pressure we have the corrective measures to rectify those problems

Previous Projects

As we pride ourselves in our work, we would like to share some images of previous projects. From new developments to office blocks we cover it all.


Contact Us

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657 Touw str, Wingate Park . Pretoria

+27 (0)82 334 9952

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