We offer an extensive range of Services.

As a company we are committed to provide the best possible service by implementing expert painting practices to ensure that from conception, the planning of a project is directed along the most practical and cost effective route. 

All personnel are fully trained in their field. Each team follows strict application guidelines.

Continuous project supervision by Team Leaders and Project Managers to ensure correct 
application of products to make the project a huge success. 

Looking forward to working with you.


We offer Professional Painting

Services. We do specialise in

Townhouse Complexes, Office blocks, Commercial Spaces etc. 


Waterproofing done with the best guaranteed products.

We have developed special techniques to ensure the water stays out.


We specialise in breathing new life into old structures. By stripping existing structures and making them new and improved again.

Damp proofing

We also offer to do damp proofing to your existing space. Whether it is positive or negative damp pressure we have the corrective measures to rectify those problems

Specialised Services

We also offer  specialised Points of Access - like the following:

Rope Acces Painting

This is a form of abseiling where a qualified rope access team paint buildings when access is restricted from ground level.


This is a specialised field that 

African Clay Painting offer.

Boswel chair

A seated platform - suspended from the the top of a building

Each professional painter can comfortably sit and paint on the side of a raised structure

Suspended platforms

A vertical moving Platforms

That allow painters to be lowered down on the side of high rise buildings.

This is a sturdy structure that offers a safe work environment when painting 


We can also erect Scaffolding, also called scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the painting process

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