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Special Projects | Refurbishments | Roofing

African Clay had a sister company which did mainstream construction projects specialising in residential upmarket homes to office blocks, schools and many more. We decided a few years ago to close that company due to a director retiring and to focus solely on African Clay. We did not want to lose all the years of experience and all the good skill sets we have built up and the decision was made to incorporate some of that into a division of African Clay that can offer clients a service that is more than just painting / damp proofing or waterproofing.


In the last few years we have done numerous internal refurbishments for clients who does student accommodation where the floor plans inside had to be changed completely to enable higher student volume. In the same category we have done residential flats where the internals had to be refurbished to enable the asset owner to receive higher rental income.




One of our Special Projects was a estate consisting of 170 units that had to have their roofs complete stripped and a new timber and tile roof installed, where the complete works per roof had to be done within the timeframe of one day. Client would give us there unit at 07:00 in the morning and by 19:00 that night we had to be complete and return their homes in a safe and completed state. The difficulty level of this project was the very strict timeline.

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